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Diamond Nexus Lab - REVIEW UPDATE

UPDATE (May 3, 2014)

I was recently contacted by Diamond Nexus Lab about my original review below.  They informed me that they have made changes to the site since my original review in 2009 to make it clearer to consumers that they are selling simulants.  They have indeed updated the site so it is no longer misleading.  They have also expanded and are selling actual carbon based stones, which are optically and chemically the same as a mined diamond.  Very happy to see the changes!

I still believe that mined diamonds, which form deep within the earth, and must rocket toward the surface in one perfect instant, are both more deeply symbolic and hold a far better value in terms of resale.

At Ring Finger Studio, which I own and operate in Miami, FL, I specialize in large diamonds and custom designed engagement rings and wedding bands.  We source and sell naturally formed, mined diamonds that are certified conflict free and are accompanied by a GIA diamond certificate.  We are the right fit for clients looking for a private, custom experience and a one-of-a-kind ring.  However, for a consumer looking for an economy engagement ring Diamond Nexus is a good option.

Visit us to learn more: www.ringfingerstudio.com

Feel free to contact us with any further questions: http://www.ringfingerstudio.com/#/make-an-appointment-with-ring-finger-studio/

Tara Rose


I had a client call me about a custom made engagement ring setting. He told me that he and his girlfriend had decided to go with a man made diamond, in order to save some money on the ring.

The technology does exist, but right now it's only cost effective when producting man made yellow diamonds.

(Check out this article from Wired Magazine about the new technology for making flawless man made diamonds, it's really cool!)

Anyway, when I inquired further he told me that they were getting a Nexus Diamond and it cost about $125 for approximately a 1ct stone. Obviously this seemed too good to be true so I looked into and I was upset to find that the Diamond Nexus Lab website is quite misleading. They aren't selling man made diamonds, they are selling diamond simulants, which is a fancy way of saying they are selling a stone that has similar optical qualities to a diamond, but it's a not a diamond.

For anyone that can't afford a diamond engagement ring, diamond simulants are a great option. Cubic Zirconia is a very well known diamond simulant and more recently Moissanite has hit the jewelry market and it's a really great diamond simulant. It has more brilliance and fire than a diamond, and it is the second hardest naturally occuring substance on Earth.

For more about Moissanite click here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moissanite

Diamond Nexus Lab, the first problem is it says diamond in their name and they aren't selling diamonds! Elsewhere on the website they do say simulant, but in my research I found a lot of postings on the web where people believed they were buying a man made diamond from Diamond Nexus. I was really apalled by the response to this FAQ from the Diamond Nexus Website:

Q: Why are Diamond Nexus stones so much less expensive than other manufactured diamonds?A: We offer our products at the most reasonable prices we can. Unfortunately, we can’t explain other companies’ pricing because we don’t have any information about their internal costs or structure.


It's websites like this that are misleading that give the jewelry industry a bad name. There is absolutely nothing wrong with their simulants. They are good diamond simulants, but I think they make it unclear that they are selling a stone that is completely different from a diamond.


Kita St. Cyr said...

Thanks for the info! It's a shame that the site is so misleading...

Angela said...

I don't understand why you think Diamond Nexus is misleading. they have many pages in their product education section explaning exactly what thier product is, which exactly replicates the optical and phisical properties of a diamond but not the chemical. I have five pieces of diamond nexus jewelry and it's fantastic. Even jewelers tell me what beautiful diamonds I have. A natural diamond costs about $6.00 per carat to mine and 3.00 per carat to cut, and there is a 20% chance it was done with child or slave labor. Is the diamond industry being "misleading" when they advertise their product?

Rob said...

I just bought a Nexus simulated diamond. I took it to a local chain jewelry store and had them examine it. They knew almost immediately that it was a cubic zirconia. How? First they weighed it. It weighed twice as much as a diamond (my 2 carat simulated diamond weighed 4 carats). Second, they used a little portable electronic "Diamond Detective" device to see if it had any carbon in it and it did not. This was all done by a sales person, not some specialist.

Ali said...

DNL stones are NOT cubic zirconia. They are heavier and harder and will not get cloudy or fade. They are approx twice as heavy as a diamond and 50% heavier then a cubic zirconia or CZ. A jewelers diamond tester does not measure carbon, it measures electrical conductivity. DNL stones will fool a jeweler or anyone else with the naked eye, but not a scale or newer diamond testers. I have had a dnl engagement ring for over three years and it's been great. No one has ever come up to me on the street with a scale and wanted to test my ring. It looks like a diamond and acts like a diamond. My husband and I spent the $5000 we saved on a great honeymoon.

Maashu said...

+1 Ali. Spend that money on a honeymoon.

Sorry, I'm a guy, so I just don't get the whole thing about spending a ton of money on a stone. As long as it looks nice, what's the difference?

I haven't spoken to my soon-to-be finance, but I'm pretty sure she's not going to be taking it around to jewelers to see if they can tell it's not a "real" diamond.

However, if you're in that type of circle, maybe you should spend the money on a diamond. Or better yet! Something that will give you even MORE status! Get an even bigger SUV that wastes even MORE gas!!

You'll be the envy of your suburban nightmare.

Stephanie said...

The problem is with their marketing! Fine if you don't want to spend the money on a diamond, but know what you are buying. Diamond Nexus Labs IS NOT SELLING DIAMONDS! do your research

Nick said...

Stephanie, did you even read everyones comments. Diamond Nexus Labs tells its customers in many different sections of the website that they are selling diamond stimulants. People who have their jewelry love them, my wife is one of those people. It blows my mind how much people like you go through soo much trouble to give that company a bad name. Do something better with you time

Eco Friendly Diamonds said...

Oh, I also don't like the idea of misleading names used for cubic zirconia. Diamonds are diamonds. Diamonds Nexus is a manufacture of CZ even though there is a word 'diamond' in brand's name. Russian Brilliants, CARAT, Diamonique are also known brands of cubic zirconia. So, don't be confused by names. The brands responsible for man made diamond creation are the following: New Age Diamonds, Gemesis, Chatham, Apollo. These manufacturers grow real diamonds, certified and approved by international gemological laboratories.

As for the price, yeh created diamonds are cheaper, however not as dirt cheap as $125 per 1 carat. For instance, 1.36 carat yellow natural diamond costs $22,000 and the similar created by Gemesis - $6,800. More than two times cheaper with the same quality. Be sure, you won't have real diamonds for $125.

Sami Dilaveri - Diamond Nexus Labs said...
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Sami Dilaveri - Diamond Nexus Labs said...
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chakangpalaka said...

Diamond Nexus Labs is misleading because they say "Man Made Diamonds" w/c they aren't! DNL has the same chemecal & physical properties as CZ so DNL employees stop misleading the the idiot readers here because those are the only once you can fooled. In fact even on pictures and videos I could tell DNL are indeed CZ'S.

www.ashadiamonds.com is also misleading as well as www.moissanitediamond.com! shame on them!

ASHA is overpriced CZ and the diamond coating doesn't make it even close to diamond looking.

DNL is way too overpirced as well. Their mark up is more than 1000 times.

For those who bought from these companies. You'll be the judge/ If it looks fake then return it because fake diamonds have no value.

Ali said...

I have several pieces of Diamond Nexus jewelry, and I have a lot of diamond jewelry. (I'm a jewelry lover with a great husband!)

I cant tell the difference, none of my freinds can tell the difference, THe jewelers who I've had clean my rings cant tell the difference.

A lot of it is in how you present yourself. If you are wearing a 3 carat ring and get out of a beat up Hyundi wearing sweatpants and cheap shoes, it's not going to be belivable. My DNL stuff is great, and has worn well and looks like new, even though some of it is several years old and I wear it almost every day. Also the company has great service. They fixed a stud earring that I actually dropped in the GARBAGE DISPOSAL! It was pretty beat up, scratched and bent. It came back looking like new (or they just gave me a new one) For FREE. And they were nice about it and made it a fun transaction.

sam said...

Hahahaha you guys are nuts!!!!! You can't tell??? All of the people who's posts were defending the name of "Nexus Diamonds" are obviously just one person who works for the company!
How do I know this??? --Well hmmmmmm. lets see..... Why would anyone out there care enough about a company that they buy their jewelry from to sit on a computer all day and defend their name?? Nobody, that's who! The only people defending Nexus' name are the people working for Nexus! And then to have some who admittedly states they work for Nexus chime in after 3 or more people defending the company had already posted!!!!?!????! -- That just confirmed it for me!!!!!!!
Now you may be thinking -- "Well maybe they are just defending the company so they don't look bad when they tell other people it's a Nexus stone." ---- A solid point...... if your an idiot! Nexus' target customer base are mid to low range income people in the market for diamond or diamond or simulated jewelry. Do you really think those people are going to run around bragging about how they have a 3ct FAKE DIAMOND from NEXUS???!!!! NO WAY!!!! Those people are never going to outright tell anyone its a fake diamond! That would defeat the purpose of a simulate!! Otherwise, they could have just gotten that less expensive, but more valuable 1/2 ct. real diamond!!!
Now, I have absolutely nothing against the Nexus company, (except they apparently hired an idiot to defend their name online) I just wanted to help you folks on here who are trying to find real feedback about Nexus diamond simulates realize that this is not the blog to find unbiased opinions. I suggest to check a yahoo blog or Google-blog-search it. --------- And for the company Nexus; I suggest you fire the moron who is doing to online damage control to your company name and hire someone who won't blow their cover soooooo easily!!!

mycatalbert said...

For the person who said that the companies selling diamond simulants are for low to mid income people...let me just set you straight....my fiance can afford to buy me any ring I want. And he would have purchased a real diamond had I not protested. I am a bargain shopper at heart, and I just cannot wrap my brain around spending tens of thousands of dollars for something to wear on my finger. That money will be put to better use.

An engagement ring is just a symbol of a commitment. The cost of the ring is irrelevant. I am getting exactly what I want and we are not spending a small fortune.

For those of you who continue to believe that DNL is producing CZ's, please do some more research...I am not an expert, but I do know that a CZ is made up of only 2 elements and the lab created diamonds are made of at least 8 and possibly 10 (my memory fails me at the moment).
Also, DNL sets its stones in 14k gold, none of the companies selling CZ's do that. If you read enough about it, you will find that all of the companies who sell simulated diamonds are the only ones who set their stones in real gold.

DNL diamond simulants are D in color and IF in clarity. They will even provide a certification on request, although I believe there is an extra charge for that.

I do not have the ring yet, it is due to arrive next week. I can't lie and say I have no reservations about the appearance of the ring, but time will tell. But even if this ring arrives and is awful, I will only look to replace it with another diamond simulant.

Also, from the information I have been able to gather, the problem with the Moissanite stones is that the tend to have a greenish tint in natural light and are also more expensive than the stones at DNL.

P.S. I am NOT an employee of DNL.

CaliGirl said...

I don't understand how people that have actually been to the DNL site or have the catalog don't immediately understand that they are not selling real diamonds. There is nothing fraudulent about DNL's site.

I have a CZ ring that I bought about five years ago out of curiosity from the Home Shopping Network for about $100. It is relatively modest (a band of smaller diamonds - the largest one probably .25 carats) and I get a ton of compliments on it. When I tell people it’s fake, they are always fascinated. I wear it every day and because it was so cheap I don't take very good care of it and there is no clouding or any wear to the stones. I will say that the setting seems cheap to me compared to what you would expect with a real diamond, but I think that has to do with buying it from the HSN and the price paid.
I am considering getting my wedding set from DNL or Better than Diamonds because the settings look like very high quality. I work for a fashion oriented company where the women won't wear a ring smaller than one carat and also have bands with plenty of bling. It's a symbol of success and is just as important as wearing a good suit if you are in the banking industry. I don't feel like spending that much money on a diamond and also don't feel good about where they come from or the real investment value (I have heard that the value of diamonds is artificially inflated by the diamond industry). I think as long as I get a ring that isn't outside the possibilities of what I could afford in natural diamonds, no one will know it's a fake. I don’t plan on trying to fool any real jewelers.

Oh, and BTW, I have a MBA and a salary that one would expect from such an education, so not everyone who buys CZ's are uneducated and poor.

I would love to hear from people who have actually bought quality CZ’s and their experience – positive or negative.

hayjulz said...

I don't work for Diamond Nexus but I love their products. I fell in love with one of the settings (the Juliette with 1.5 carat center stone) because it was so unique and beautiful. The fact that the stone was simulated didn't matter to me, my husband and I refused to buy into the expense of real diamonds, we had other things to spend the money on (down payment on a house). I have been wearing my wedding set for over 2 years, it is still as beautiful as it was the day it is was fed ex'd and I constantly get comments from people on how gorgeous my ring is. I have a friend who has a 2ct diamond that is so cloudy it's ugly. I would rather have something that LOOKS perfect than the real thing that's flawed. And the difference in price helps as well.

Diamond Nexus' customer service is excellent, I appreciated all their help (especially Sami) in my decision to buy my wedding set, earrings, gold chain as well as friends who purchased from them on my recommendation. They even adjusted the price of the wedding band after I called them regarding a price decrease on the engagement ring after it was purchased.

I saw nothing misleading on the site, I knew the "diamonds" were lab created, I didn't care.

DEEthatME said...


lee said...

Hi there.
I have in the past spent huge sums on diamonds (£15-20k for one stone alone) buying quality rather than quantity.
My wife and I have bought diamonds set in white gold as well as a loose Ruby from DNL.
The jewellery overall is of a good 'everyday' standard, and the stones are if anything a little too good. This is mainly because a 'D' flawless stone is a very rear thing to see in stones over 1 carat.
The Ruby is, if anything, even better. I had been looking for a mined Ruby for about 3 years and in that time I have looked at some good and some truly bad examples at around the £12-15k mark.
I bought a 5.5 carat DNL Ruby and had it set by a Hatton Garden (London) specialist in a very expensive setting (of my wife's design). The setter only asked me where I got the stone as it was a perfect pigeon blood colour, and in his words, quite rare to see one of that size.

If anyone feels angry regarding the DNL advertising then simply complain to the advertising standards. If the quality is lacking then complain to customer services. However if there is doubt about the composition of the stones, then perhaps I would advise looking into the mined diamond industry practices, such as illegal trading, forged certificates/paperwork, chemical reprocessing and so on. You may conclude there is very little truth when it comes to "diamonds", natural or man made.

In summary the DNL quality is very good (for us anyway) and the value is excellent.


Cheryl said...

I really believe that the folks that are ranting and raving about DNL being frauds need to go and watch the movie BLOOD DIAMOND. I have never really cared about jewelry or diamonds but when my fiance started talking about marriage I insisted that I did not want a diamond ring. I know that there are some companies and jewelers that say that have "NON-CONFLICT" diamonds but I don't know that. Whether DNL has CZ's or actually man-made diamonds I would rather wear that with the peace of mind in knowing that someone did not lose there life in trying to aquire the very stone that wear.

genny said...

Well, I have a DNL wedding /engagement ring. I too thought it was a diamond that was grown in a lab like Apollo does but I asked to be sure and they were straight forward with me. no one tried to fool me onto thinking that I was buying a real diamond. anyway we went ahead and purchased the "Helen of Troy" and I really love it!!! so does my jeweler! I went in to look at a necklace and he commented on how beautiful he thought it was and when he took a closer look he said he thought it was very well made,he was impressed.Me too!

genny said...

Sam,don't be so sure that only the poor buy from DNL or other companies that sell cubics.You know there are people who care a little less about the "bling" and the $$$,and more about people and our planet!!! and yes its true I have thought that some of the posts were fishy sounding like it might be coming from someone working for the company but who cares really!?! as I posted before I am pleased with my ring and I feel that I made an informed choice.

El Capo said...

Do you save money though? A diamond will hold it's value over time, effectively a store of value! Especially if you don't buy a new diamond but an antique one.

But don't get me wrong I'm all for ethical alternatives to diamonds!

nikki.cupcake84 said...

For all of those that say the site is misleading, it is not because they clearly state throughout the website that the DIAMONDS are not real but simulated. I honestly think the rings are gorgeous and i plan on getting my engagement ring from there. I have it already picked out and if people can't tell if they are fake, who am i to tell them. DNL keep up the good work and haters please find something else better to do with your time and stop trying to bring down a company that is just trying to help people that can't afford expensive diamonds or just think the money can go to something more meaningful.

Gary said...

I bought a Nexus Lab diamond a few years ago. Most recently, we needed to borrow against what I was led to believe a diamond the "even jewelers" can't tell.
The pawn shop said flat out it's a fake!

I feel cheated!

Unknown said...

Gary - I think it is funny that you tried to pawn what you knew was fake and pass it off as real, and YOU feel cheated!

Sam - you are clearly a jerk.

FYI - to those claiming that a diamond holds it value, read my favorite article. http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1982/02/have-you-ever-tried-to-sell-a-diamond/4575/

Talk about a scam. De Beers is the real scam artist and so many of you BELIEVE that a diamond has value, when really it just represents the death and torture of many innocent people.

I am not engaged yet, but my boyfriend of 6 years has already let me know it will be happening soon. The first thing I said in response is PLEASE DONT BUY ME A DIAMOND.

Angela said...

I just visited the DNL store outside of Milwaukee because I wanted to see these things in person. They were beautiful and I have already told my boyfriend that I want my engagement ring from DNL. I don't support the diamond industry but I still want that symbol of committment, and if I were to get a pink or yellow stone, people may think its just a regular piece of jewelry. So, as long as what they sell to him is what we saw in the display cases at the store, I will be one happy gal. Hopefully there's no bait and switch or anything shady going on along those lines, but I will tell him to go ahead and send it back if it looks any less stunning that what was in the store.

Nicole said...

I love these previous posts implying anyone who defends the products of Diamond Nexus Labs us an employee of the company.

DNL has an A- rating with the better business bureau. It's one of the top internet companies. They claim to sell diamond simulants therefore calling the company diamond labs makes sense. Do you really thing that Miss USA would have them as a sponsor if they weren't a credible company?

I purchased a stone a few years ago and am more than thrilled with how amazing it still looks. We thought it was a temporary solution and I would replace it with a real diamond as soon as it fades and gets cloudy, you know the way a CZ does. Well, it's still looks as great as it did when I first purchased it.

I have had a number of professionals comment on the colour and cut. If you don't tell the experts where you bought it from they can't tell.

Lisa said...

I have been so amused at these negative comments in regard to DNL. Few as they are! I have a beautiful set just received from them. It is breath taking. And I am 68 year old lady; married for 48 years. I have had many beautiful diamonds thru the years. The last two being an estate ring with a 4.22ct center stone in a platinum engraved setting. 3 square sapphires on each side of huge center stone. The right hand ring also an estate piece with 3 diamonds totally 2.45 with tear drop sapphires on either side. Also platinum.so it's not only lower class people buying these so called fakes! But there are many qualities of fake stones and DNL has the best quality that I have seen. But most importantly is their wonderful customer service. Impeccable and such courtesy. My husband and I have been to East Africa now 3 times. I nurse there and he helps build for the precious people. The last trip this past May. I came home and sold my two big "real" rings. BTW; diamonds are an investment? That is only when your buying. Go try selling them! But I didn't care. I feel wonderful wearing my beautiful DNL rings and telling friends and family why I don't wear my big diamonds anymore. And proud of the stand I decided to make. Lisa in Mississippi

Angela said...

My fiancee and I are currently dealing with DNL. He purchased my engagement ring early 2010 and I loved it. We both did a lot of research since I knew I wanted a lab-made diamond. At that time, their website stated that the stones were indeed, lab created diamonds. He even called them and spoke to a rep that assured him that they were selling him a lab made diamond. If it were not a lab made diamond, we would have shopped elsewhere.Come May 2011, while taking a final, I happen to notice a crack running the length of my "diamond". They are fixing it but this is of course frustrating considering we have not even had the wedding yet! He called while dealing with the cracked stone, and now they use "simulant" everywhere. We are trying to get our money back now. I do not want to pay for a diamond and get a CZ. This type of ring is something you have the rest of your life, and hopefully pass on to your children. Mine didn't even last 16 months!

kyle.blades said...

Hi Angela -

Kyle from Diamond Nexus here. First off, I want to apologize for the issues you had with our stone. I can assure you that this is a rare occurrence and that the ring you purchased is indeed meant to be passed from generation to generation. However, any crystal material can crack, even a diamond. Luckily, unlike a diamond, our stones are covered under a lifetime guarantee so that should a rare issue occur, it can easily be corrected at no cost to you.

What concerns me about your post is that you thought you were purchasing a lab made diamond. We try to go out of the way to describe the difference between lab-created diamond simulants and our lab-created diamond synthetics, which can be found here: http://www.diamondnexuslabs.com/information.php This is the same information that was on our site in all of 2010. We do offer both options but unless you have a canary stone, I am guessing you purchased a simulant.

Our representatives are trained extensively to explain the difference to customers so I certainly hope that they did not tell you that you would receive a synthetic diamond. We do record all of our phone calls though so if you email me your order number I will listen to the phone conversation and if indeed the representative told you that you would receive a lab-created diamond, we'll be happy to refund your purchase.

Angela, it is our goal to educate all of our buyers about their purchase before spending any money with us. We find this creates life-long customers that will love their purchase and come back for all of their jewelry needs. It certainly is not our intent to mask what we are selling, I can assure you.

At this point it sounds like our customer service department is helping you take advantage of our lifetime warranty, which is exactly why it is there. Should you still feel that you were given incorrect information by one of our representatives, please let me know and I will investigate the matter fully.

Thank you so much for being one of amazing customers, I certainly hope that we will be able to resolve this matter.

Thank you,

Kyle Blades

disappointed! said...

Hello Kyle,
I find it interesting that you and DNL try your very best to 'APPEAR' to be of the highest customer service standards. From MY experience, this is only the case before the sale! I bought my engagement ring from DNL and had no problem communicating with anyone until after I handed over the money. After I received the ring I noticed that it is not "flawless" and in fact there is a horizontal line through my diamond. Also, after I started wearing it I developed a rash on my finger!!!! I have many pieces of gold jewellery so I definitely do not have any allergies to real gold. I have tried to contact DNL about these issues numerous times and not once have I had a response to my emails. I don't live in the US so I don't have any other options of communication -- but it's funny how I had no issues getting replies to emails before I paid for the ring!
VERY VERY disapointed, and feel cheated!!!

disappointed! said...

by the way, for everyone else's benefit I have also emailed Kyle (as well as many other's at DNL) and will let you know if I'm EVER successful in getting through. It appears that it's not just the diamonds that are fake...their customer service policy is a phony too.
For anyone considering buying DNL I wouldn't trust their customer service policy or lifetime warranty, because after you have purchased, they will never respond to you again.

kyle.blades said...

Hi Roya -

I deeply apologize for the issues that you had, as rare as they are. I received your email this morning and just responded to you. I will paste the email below, just in case you see this first. I really hope we will be able to help you. Here is the email I sent you:

Hi Roya -

I apologize that you feel so disappointed. I absolutely understand it can be frustrating trying to reach customer service and not receiving an answer. I can assure you that this is not our standard practice and what happened to you is absolutely not how we expect to treat our customers. We have recently switched email systems and I am guessing your emails were lost in that transition. Regardless of the reasoning, I apologize.

I also apologize for any issues that you had with our product. Luckily all of our products are covered under a lifetime guarantee so we will be able to easily fix the problem for you. If you can send me your order number I will make sure to get a shipping label emailed to you immediately. We will make sure to correct the crack in the stone immediately. Unfortunately all crystalline structures, including diamonds, can crack. Although it is very rare for our stones to crack, our lifetime warranty ensures that will not have to live with that crack.

As for the ring giving you a rash, I apologize, I am not sure what the issue is there. We use nickle in our 14k gold rings to make them stronger. This is a standard practice in the entire United States and we are in full compliance for the products that we sell. Perhaps your country uses a different strengthening agent, I am not sure. If the issue persists we can look at creating the ring in platinum or palladium which generally do not have the same issues. If you received your rings within the last 30 days, this will be covered in your money back guarantee.

As I said, I cannot apologize enough for the lack of communication from us and the issues you had with your ring. I will need an order number from you and then we can immediately begin rectifying these issues.

Thank you,

Kyle Blades
Social Media Coordinator
414.858.2299 x151

nick85 said...

I can not believe the level of ignorance displayed on this forum. Sam the idea that DNL only targets to low income is ridiculous. i do not work for DNL nor do I have any relationship outside of a single purchase that I have made. I am extremely successful in life and quite honestly make a lot of money. With the job that I hold I frequently attend events in which I am with the spouses of business owners and executives and not one person has had any idea that the ring was purchased from DNL. I admit that I had my doubts in the beginning, but once I saw the ring there is no way the naked eye can tell that it is not a real diamond. From my perspective as a buyer what I received is what I thought I would receive and it has thoroughly exceeded my expectations. The customer service is a little hit or miss but considering the fact that my wife gets continuous compliments and I saved probably 12k off of what it would have cost, I am ok with it. For anyone who wants to have the look and feel of a real diamond without the price, or for some people the guilt of how it came to be then DNL is a good bet. For those who plan on trying to pawn a fake diamond to get real diamond money then DNL is not an option and you have some serious issues. This forum may be biased with DNL employees in it but has anyone ever considered that maybe there is competitors doing the same thing you are accusing DNL of? Could they be the ones with the negative reviews to try to tarnish an image? All I can say is that I am a satisfied customer and most importantly I have a satisfied wife. She is so confident with the ring itself and she would not do it different if she had another opportunity.

David said...

I suppose that to most people that are not "In the trade" diamond simulants look wonderful. But then again ignorance is bliss. Angela your facts are vastly incorrect and someone has told you a pile of lies. In realistic terms, to keep this short, to find 1 carat of diamond an entire football field of material must be moved. I don't no of anyone who will move that amount of waste for $6.00! And $3.00/ct to cut a diamond, I am sorry but you are totally wrong. The minimum cost is $1,000 per carat. It's not glass we are talking about. I have been a professional manufacturing jeweller for over 35 years. I am also a registered Valuer and have run my own sucessful business for such time to have seen and heard it all. But please, educate yourself correctly. Go and try to sell your 50 cent stone. Yes 50 cents. Ask any retailer and it may go up to $1.50 but rubbish is rubbish. Diamonds were around and have looked upwards to see dinosaurs. Your simulant, as people like to call it, will not be here in a hundred years, let alone a million or two.Just wait and what happens to it when a claw falls off and your jeweller says he has to unset it totally because it will fail during the repair process. The repair will be 3 times more expensive than fixing a diamond ring. I can only suggest to you that when next you wish to buy a car, putting a mercedes badge on a Hyundia doesn't make it a mercedes.There are reasons why diamonds sre so rare and affordable! As far as child labor, please, give me a break. Blood diamonds are out there, yes, but not one reputable diamond dealer will touch them. 20%? try less than half of a percent. EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Don't be gulible nor nieve. Cheap rubbish sold at an expensive price makes you a fool with your hard earnt money.

David said...

I have been "in the trade" for over 38 years. So I can honestly say that I have seen it all. Listen to me out there, a fake is a fake. You simulant costs about 50 cents wholesale. $1.50 retail? If you put a mercedes badge on a Hyundai, I'm sorry, but it is still a Hyundai. The dealer loves people such as yourselves, fools with little money sense. Diamonds cost so much because the dinosaurs were walking on top of them. They are millions of years old. In a true term it costs a fortune to remove an entire football field of material to find as little as 1 single carat of diamond. Not $6.00. Where did that come from? And it costs about $1,000 per carat to cut a diamond, not $3.00. It is always best to educate yourselves. Don't believe everything that some twerp has to say. Knowledge is the key to the universe. Unlock it. Just wait to your loved one has that piece of rubbish valued and finds out that it has no real value. And wait until you have to have it repaired and your jeweller says to you "I'm not touching that thing!" Why must you support thieves in the industry? I will say it again.... EDUCATE YOURSELVES. Diamonds are not expensive. They are priced to be in the market place at the price they are for many reasons. And the comment of slave labor or child abuse. What planet are you on. I suppose it could be said "same planet, differant world", for some folk. But really! sweat shops. Do you have any idea of the skills required to cut a diamond. And yes Blood diamonds are out there, but with the changes that were made in the industry they vary rarely find a place in the legitimate market place. Conflict free means NOT a "blood diamond". And for those who doubt me, I am a manufacturing jeweller, diamond appraiser and grader, registered valuer and give seminars to the industry to try and help to educate the public. Please do yourselves a favour. Don't ever by a fake anything, and don't support thieves in the industry. I wish you all the best and remember, EDUCATION is the way to go.

kyle.blades said...

Hi David -

Kyle from Diamond Nexus here. You definitely seem passionate about diamonds! And, believe it or not, there are some things we agree on: 1) Diamonds do require almost a football field of earth to be moved to be mined. To me this is a bad thing though, why is it necessary for all that earth to be disturbed? For pretty stones? 2) Diamonds are definitely prehistoric! Luckily the world is no longer ruled by dinosaurs and thanks to many technological advances, most humans live a comfortable life. Our technology allows people to get the same look and feel of a diamond, without spending an arm and a leg. 3) Customers should definitely educate themselves on the different options. However, just because they disagree with you, or me for that matter, doesn't mean that they're wrong.

Not surprisingly though, there is a lot that I disagree with. Most importantly is that our stones are created to last a life time and to be pasted from generation to generation. We ensure this with our triple guarantee that will repair any damaged ring free of cost, not for a hefty free. Finally, I think Hyundais are really nice cars, I don't know why you'd need a Mercedes logo to feel good about your purchase... :)

Have a great day!



Dean the Jeweler said...

I too have been "in the trade" for over 40 years. I'm a GIA certified gemologist, a master jeweler, and have owned and operated various jewelry stores and jewelry wholesale businesses for my entire adult life.

I am out of the business now and semi-retired and don’t have a vested interest in any jewelry company, and here’s the unvarnished truth: most of what people believe about diamonds is untrue at best and a scam at worst. Let's look at this point by point as David raised them:

Diamonds have no intrinsic value, and here is the simple proof of that: If you buy a share of stock, or an ounce of gold, or a piece of artwork, you can immediately resell that asset for approximately what you paid for it. These things have intrinsic value and a recognized market to sell them into. Diamonds, purchased at retail as the average consumer does, do not have the same intrinsic value. The simple truth is this - walk into any major jeweler, Kay's, Zales etc., buy a $5000 diamond, and then walk down to the next jeweler in the mall and ask them what they will pay you for. If you are very lucky you may get $1500. Diamonds have the same value proposition as a designer handbag or dress. Something with little intrinsic value that is inflated price-wise due to marketing hype.

Diamond industry shills use ridiculous phrases as David did: “Diamonds are expensive because dinosaurs walked them." They say things like this to try to create an artificial sense of romance around the stones. Note that this phrase talks nothing at all about intrinsic value. Dinosaurs also walked on gravel, sand and, no doubt, lots of dinosaur dung. Do these all have wonderful romantic value also? Should you pay thousands of dollars a carat for these also? Diamond sellers must resort to often ridiculous marketing hyperbole to make you forget they are not selling you something that is a recognized asset class. Again, go buy a diamond from David or any other diamond seller, wait a week and try to sell it back to him and see how much "real value" it has.

Longevity and durability
David makes the case that diamond simulants are "junk" and will not last. The reality is that quality diamond simulants are, in fact, about as durable as a diamond. These stones are all anywhere from 90% to 97% as hard as a diamond, and some of them, in fact, such as moissanite, are actually less brittle.

An emerald or ruby on the other hand, are only about 40% as hard as a diamond. But, no jeweler will ever tell you that your ruby will not last a lifetime when they are trying to sell you one. Only when they are speaking about something that threatens their traditional business, such as diamond simulants, is there suddenly any kind of durability problem.

The further reality is that even diamonds hardly last forever, or really even a lifetime. Look at any diamond that's been worn daily for 20 years or more under magnification and you will generally see that the facet angles are worn off. Diamonds crack and break all the time, believe me I replaced thousands of them in my shop. Diamonds are not a magic substance, simply a very hard crystalline material. Diamond simulants are also a very hard crystalline material.

Dean the Jeweler said...


Blood or Conflict Diamonds
The fact is no one knows how many blood diamonds are in the marketplace today. David’s statement that it is a fraction of a percent is ridiculous and the diamond industry itself doesn't support that number. Reputable organizations such as Amnesty International have pegged the number at between at between 15 and 20%. Other organizations have put the number as high as 35%. Again, if you simply look past the diamond industry spin and look at the reality of the numbers it becomes quite obvious how many blood diamonds are probably in the marketplace. Today, about 75% of the diamonds produced in the world come from Africa. Just a few years ago that number was more like 95%. A significant number - reputable organizations say about a third - of the stones that are mined in Africa are done so under conditions and by regimes that would qualify them as "blood diamonds". Logically then, a significant number of diamonds in the market are likely blood diamonds.

The Kimberly Process, which was created by diamond producers to try to limit the number of blood diamonds in the marketplace, is an abject failure. It's basically the fox guarding the hen house. Simply Google "Kimberly Process” to see for yourself. Other than the failed Kimberly Process, there are no barriers to blood diamonds entering the marketplace.

David further makes the case that cutting diamonds is some highly skilled trade that is only performed by well trained, well compensated, well treated craftspeople. This is pure bunk. The vast majority of diamonds are cut in India and China and often by people, sometimes children, working in sweatshop conditions. I've seen it with my own eyes many times. Again, simply spend two minutes Googling this to see the reality. And yes, the average cost of cutting a diamond is about three dollars. When David talks about diamond cutting costing thousands of dollars he is talking about super high quality large carat stones, not the common diamonds that the vast majority of people buy at retail jewelers. Small diamonds that jewelers call "mele" cost as little as a nickel apiece to cut.

Folks, I don't have an ax to grind and I don't have a stake in the diamond simulant business. I do know a lot about the diamond industry, I’ve profited myself from it for many years, and I know the realities of it. Diamonds are pretty, sparkly objects that look nice on a bride’s finger. They are nothing more or less. There is nothing magical, mystical or priceless about them. Diamond simulants are also pretty, sparkly objects that look nice on a bride’s finger. As a smart consumer you should make the decision on what pretty sparkly things make the most sense to you without the constant distortion of reality offered by various marketers.

DJ Maryland said...

I am just starting the process of researching Diamond Nexus diamonds and find this string interesting. I am looking to purchase a white gold set and don't want to spend what we did for my original set (yellow gold with real diamonds). I have other real diamonds and I enjoy them. But intrinsic value??? Nope. Just check out craigs list. There are soooo many people selling their wedding rings for 1/2 or less what they paid for them. The average ad says something like... " I paid 6,500.00 but I will take 3000." And from what I see on Craigslist from places like Jareds, Zales, etc., most people are not buying great clarity or color as the "fabulous" stones are just too expensive. And if they really paid what they are saying, they got RIPPED OFF. And as to diamonds lasting forever- I am not going to live forever so I am not concerned with my diamonds lasting into eternity. I inherited a ring from my Aunt and when I took it to have it appraised, the appraiser said because the cut was a "1950" style, it had lost value in comparison to a cut in today's market. Intrinsically it lost value. ...... My friend has a beautiful HUGE princess cut ring she bought in St. Maarten and the side of it cracked after three years. She had to send it back to St. Maarten to have it recut, and now it is smaller and worth less than the original stone. SO, YES real diamonds do chip as well and can lose real value.
We travel quite often overseas, and I never wear real diamonds due to potential loss or theft. I have bought cheap CZ's but they all get cloudy and I just throw the ring away after the trip. In the end, it does boil down to education and money. If I had all the money in the world, I would be buying huge beautiful perfect real diamonds, but my three college degrees tell me that a better value at this point in my life, is either an incredible find on Craigslist (even that is wrought with possible pitfalls), or DNL. I will keep researching.. to me the most important aspect of DNL is if the ring keeps it shine and brillance for years to come. Anyone out there that has had their ring for a long time that would let me know your experience.

Thanks... DJ Maryland

disappointed! said...

Just wanted to give everyone an update.

So, Kyle did email me and arranged for my ring to be sent back and checked.
The whole process is taking a ridiculous amount of time though!
After they received the ring, I asked them why there was a visible line through the ring and the response was:

"On all of our stones there is a line that runs through the center. It is simply a reflection caused by how the stone is cut. You will see it on a mined diamond but it will be less noticeable."

This statement is ridiculous and I am offended that anyone would think that I would believe it!

Anyway, I requested a refund after that and it took a while, but I was finally told I would get my money back. However, I'm still waiting to find out if the taxes I paid will be refunded. They have avoided responding to my requests with respect to this. I don't think it's fair that I've lost almost $400 for taxes and fees on an item that is not as advertised (i.e. NOT flawless)!!!

I will keep you all informed as to what eventuates...

Kurt said...

I was considering purchasing an engagement ring from DNL, but the last post about a visible line in the center of every stone disturbs me.

Kyle Blades said...

Hi Kurt -

Out of over 200,000 customers, the one above is the only one to notice such a line. As I stated in my email to her, this is visible in all stones, including mined diamonds, not just ours. Luckily we offer a 30 day money back guarantee so if you get a ring and it is not what we promise it is, you can send it right back. I can assure you that we have many, many more satisfied customers than we do ones that are dissatisfied with our products or customer service.


Kyle of Diamond Nexus

Falcon Cheerleading said...
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mikki said...

I do not work for diamond nexus and my sister in law got her engagement ring from diamond nexus and no one can tell the difference it is just as beautiful as a real diamond. People must have no life to be this worried over a website that does say many times the diamond are a stimulant. If you are one of those pathetic women who need that status symbol to feel good about yourself and have no problem with these real diamonds that people are murdered for then that is your business just like it is other people's business if they are not that shallow and only care that it is a beautiful piece of jewelry and some one actually took the time and sent the money to give you something at all!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jodi said...

No matter what DNL stones are made of - the fact is - I spent $400 on one of these rings and the stone looked awful after 2 yrs. The edges of the facets look dull and cloudy. I paid to ship it back to have the stone replaced, and when I got the ring back it had been cleaned and a new finish had been applied, but the .75 carat stone was the original. Within a couple of weeks it looked horrible again. Don't waste hundreds on one of these rings!

Kyle Blades said...

Hi Jodi -

I am very surprised to hear your comments. With over 200,000 customers, an "A" rating with the Better Business Bureau and having been selected by brides from The Knot as a top wedding choice, I can assure you this is not the norm. I apologize if you feel the product or customer service was sub-par and I can assure you that we will do everything possible to rectify the situation. Please email me your order number and I will work with you to get the ring you deserve: kyle.blades@diamondnexuslabs.com

Thank you,

Kyle Blades
Digital Marketing Manager

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I already filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I was not willing to pay the cost of having my ring shipped back to your company AGAIN (insured with tracking). So the response from DNL was there was nothing that could be done.

My point: I paid for insured shipping once and got the same stone/ring back. It was a complete waste of $30. Why would I be a fool a third time? Fool for buying the ring in the first place, fool for spending $30 to ship it back to have the stone replaced. Fool a third time? Well at least I can answer No to that.


Kyle Blades said...

Hi Jodi -

I pulled the BBB report that you filed. In it I saw that we offered to pay to have the ring shipped back to us, replace any defective stones, clean and polish the ring and have it sent back to you, all free of charge. It appears that you rejected our offer but the BBB did determine that we made a good faith effort to provide you what you asked for.

That said, our offer still stands: we would be happy to send you a shipping label to have the ring sent back and to replace any damaged stones. I understand your frustration and I can assure you that this is not the norm. We are more then willing to help you in any way possible.

Thank you,


Stickfigure said...
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Stickfigure said...
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Stickfigure said...

In 2007, my husband proposed to me with a DNL Kryana ring. It was a
beautiful ring and I loved it, unfortunately, the ring was stolen. We've been looking to buy another Kryana ring, but the price jump from $600 to $1000 has prevented us so far. Regardless, neither my family nor my friends knew the diamond was a simulant. The ring still carried the fire and strength to stand alongside rings 5 to 10 times its value. If you have doubts, take your time to research DNL and simulant diamonds on your own.


Jennifer London said...

Hi Michelle,
Jennifer London from Diamond Nexus here~ It was great to hear that you had been happy with your ring and the stone's brilliance~ The ring no doubt would have been an heirloom piece for you, had it not been stolen. That is such horrible news and I am very sorry that happened to you. If you would like to email me at jennifer.london@diamondnexuslabs.com we can discuss ways to get you another ring sooner than later. I am happy to assist you with whatever you need.
Thank you,
Jennifer London
Social Media Coordinator
Diamond Nexus

Dawn Dall Ducharme said...

My husband proposed with a DNL ring 4+ years ago. We discussed the brand well in advance as I wanted to avoid a mined diamond and this looked like a good alternative based on the white gold settings available. After 2 years, I had to send it back to be polished/cleaned/replaced, whatever they do, as it was quite cloudy and could not be cleaned back to its original sparkle. These days, it only gives a good sparkle when professionally cleaned or if I give it a really good scrub using jewelry cleaner. I will likely have to send it back to DNL again for replacement. My stone is a 1.67 CT round cut, and while people don't call me out on it, unless it is recently cleaned, I can personally tell the difference between my DNL stone and my mom's diamond, just by the sparkle and color. Anyone who says a jeweler cannot tell is flat-out lying. As soon as I take it and my band in to be cleaned and re-plated each year, they take about a half-second to remind me that it's a CZ. These are the jewelers on Wabash Street in Chicago - they don't even have to put it under a jeweler's eye to know. DNL may claim that it's not CZ, but that's what it looks like to me and my jeweler. I don't care, I am generally happy with it because again I don't want a mined diamond and don't want to pay for a lab-grown diamond either, but I thought I'd post this for people who are considering buying it so you know what maintenance you're in for. Plan to have it cleaned professionally often, and know that you will probably have to send it back to DNL for a re-coating, or whatever it is that they do.

Also, when I sent it in to DNL the first time (I assume they just replaced the stone), the morning after I got it back the stone fell out of the setting in the shower. They did pay the return shipping and fixed it again for free, and turnaround was pretty quick. No problems with the stone since then except that it is clouding up again.

Jennifer London said...

Dear Dawn,

I wanted to start by thanking you for your purchase with Diamond Nexus. Owning a ring with a stone that looks amazing and perfect is what every woman wants and what you deserve to have on your hand. I am sorry that you feel that your stone’s durability is not standing up to your expectations. 100% Customer satisfaction is our main goal, and we will be happy to clean or replace the stone for you. We do recommend regular cleanings and offer cleaning tips on our website, located here: http://www.diamondnexus.com/customer-service-jewelry-care.html for doing such, since you can treat our stone just like a mined diamond. A regular CZ can not be treated like a diamond, as it is porous and will discolor very quickly. Diamond Nexus stones are non-porous and are guaranteed for life, as long as no other jeweler has worked on the stone. So any customer can send their jewelry back to us and we will replace the stones for them.

What I am not comfortable with is the fact that you mentioned that you have taken the ring to a jeweler for replating. We do ask that all work be sent to us to do, since our stones are not made from pure carbon and do not take direct heat. That being said, when you had the jeweler work on the ring, they could have used heat on the ring and that would have damaged the stone, thus also voiding the warranty on the ring. We will still honor your warranty for you, as a customer courtesy, but you will need to send the ring in to us for any rhodium plating that needs to be done in the future. To minimize how often that needs to be done, I would recommend removing the ring before you use any household cleaners, or expose the ring to lotions, soaps or chlorine, as that would cause the white gold to become worn faster and need rhodium plating sooner. Removing the ring before using any lotions, or hair products is also a good idea, as those can get built up on any jewelry and be tough to remove. We use an ultrasonic cleaner here on all of our jewelry and that really does a great job of removing any build up that might occur through regular wear.

Please feel free to contact me directly with anything that you may need, and I will be happy to work with you to get the ring cleaned, rhodium plated and sent back promptly to you.

Jennifer London

Diamond Nexus Social Media Coordinator




1-800-509-4990 ext. 101

Build said...

What a crock! DNL stones are CZ's period. There are multiple independent test that have been conducted to prove that. I am not sure if the employees are liars or have just drank the Kool Aid. In any event there product is not what is advertised.

Build said...
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Kyle Blades said...

Howdy "Build" -

The "independent tests" that you refer to all come from one competitor of ours that unfortunately has decided to not play on the same ethical plane as us. We attempt to stay away from such negative mudslinging but have brought, and won, lawsuits against companies that made similar claims. To view these lawsuits please visit: diamondnexus.com/legal.

A lot of the "tests" claim to test our product but actually they just buy a CZ, test it and say that it is ours. They do not follow any chain of evidence or chain of proof and simply ask you to believe what they say. However, we have conducted numerous tests on our own product and in every single case our product has been proven to be exactly what it says it is: http://www.diamondnexus.com/product-education-independant-testing.html

We are also very excited to find out that the University of Texas just concluded a test on our product and not only found our chemical composition to be exactly what we claim it to be but that our patent-pending coating does indeed offer a stone with the same characteristics as a diamond. Although you can try to poke holes in what we claim, it is hard to argue that the University of Texas is biased in anyway. You'll be seeing that report shortly and of course we'll put it on our site when it is available.

Build, I understand why you would believe the rumors floating around on the internet but the simple truth is that they're bold face lies, told by a competitor of ours, over and over again. If you have any questions at all about our product or marketing, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

Kyle Blades
Digital Marketing Manager

Ashley said...

I was just on the website. I personally was surprised that they weren't real diamonds. You do have to read and pay attention to the website to figure it out but I really don't think they were misleading. I just still don't know what these rings are made of.

Jennifer London said...

Hey Ashley,

It's Jennifer, from Diamond Nexus. We are always looking for ways to improve the website and be more helpful to customers. I would love for your feedback and you can email me at jennifer.london@diamondnexuslabs.com with any tips or suggestions. I would also like to refer you to this page on our site :http://www.diamondnexus.com/product-education.html I think that it will really answer a lot of questions that you may have about our stones. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns as well. Have a great day, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus

dragon6uk said...

Diamonds cause war and are artifically overpriced... And do not think they will hold there price forever....diamond will replace silicon on computer chips in the next twenty years.....diamond will be made in factories in huge plate blocks and in pressureised labs ... and it will be cheap...The technology is already here...... I personally hope the diamond industry dies sooner rather then later.... Then the only 2 major evils left in the world will be religion and oil.... Lol... But they don't have long either... Lol.....say no to diamonds kids..... Merry Xmas

concerned said...

Just received our ring from DNL love it! We can not tell its not a real diamond. It was our choice to go with a stimulant and use the money on our honeymoon and our home! We are very pleased with the the ring! We understand its not a real diamond and were never under the impression that it was a man made diamond.

Jennifer London said...

To Concerned: Hi, This is Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator at Diamond Nexus. I am so happy to hear that you made the smart choice and purchased an environmentally friendly stone, that doesn't impact the environment.We appreciate your business and are so glad that you are satisfied with your ring. The last post before yours said it best, in commenting on where the diamond industry is headed, and we know that with our stones you will have a beautiful ring that will last a lifetime. Congratulations on your engagement, and we wish you both the best. It is such a good feeling to know that you will now have the extra money left for things that are truly important like the wedding and honeymoon. Like I have always said, what is important is the chemistry between two people,not the chemistry of the stone. Let me know if you ever need anything, I am always happy to be of service! Sincerely, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus.

Unknown said...

I bought my DNL engagement ring and wedding band 5 years ago and was absolutely happy with it. I wore it all the time, got many compliments on it, and yet, it gets dirty, but you give it a little brush and it sparkles like new. Unfortunately, one of the small stones inside the setting cracked recently, which was very upsetting, but in its deffence, I wore the ring ALL THE TIME for 5 years. I completely forgot about Lifetime guarantee, since it has been 5 years, but I guess, I should call and see if they can fix this crack.

I can afford real diamonds, but I absolutely refuse to spend money on something so artificially overpriced. I had a heavy ugly gold bracelet, 18 carat, with 1.3 carat diamond. The jeweller appraised it at $4.000. When I offered him to buy it, he offered me $800, mostly for gold. So, don't tell me about how expensive the real thing is. You want something beautiful, durable and sparkling, go with DNL. Don't treat it as investment, treat it as a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Jennifer London said...

To Unknown~ We are so glad that you have enjoyed your jewelry from Diamond Nexus~ I am sorry that there had been some damage to the ring though. I can definitely help you with that! Just email me at jennifer.london@diamondnexus.com with your order information and I can have a return label sent out to you as soon as possible. The damaged stone can be replaced for you easily, as long as the metal on the ring wasn't damaged at all. it is true that regular cleaning really keeps the jewelry looking wonderful, and it is so good to hear that you have found out that the myth about mined diamonds holding their value is false. It is unfortunate that so many people invest such great amounts of money, only to find that out too late. But at Diamond Nexus, we stand behind our products 100% and with our A+ rating with the BBB, anyone can be assured that their purchases with us are protected. So please send me an email when you can, and I will help get your ring looking perfect once again! Warmest Regards, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus

Vsi Carbon said...

So after doing tons of research, visiting many jewelers and then going to a Diamond Nexus retail outlet, I’ve made some very interesting discoveries with mined diamonds, lab created diamonds, DNL diamond simulants.
Diamonds have no real valuation. It’s pricing created by marketing and the companies that mine and sell them. Do you really know anyone who paid what they are “valued” at??? The answer to that riddle is no. You think you are paying less than what it’s actually worth, therefore justifying the consumer’s mind that they got a good deal or feel justified in what they bought. It’s true, diamonds are like designer handbags, they have about $10 of leather and other materials but when marketed with Millions maybe billions of dollars’, while restricting the supply; you can sell it for any markup you want. Overall great if you can afford to spend $20,000 on a nice colorless, IF stone. If you can’t, you’re going to spend $5-15k on a diamond that isn’t colorless and still not flawless, hopefully not causing debt because you just invested in something that is worth maybe 50-60% of what you paid. Not smart unless you like off white rocks and $5-$15k is nothing to you. Lab created diamonds are awesome, still riding the diamond marketing wave since technology hasn’t been able to produce colorless diamonds over .5 carats cleanly. Slight savings over mined diamonds with tons of restrictions. Diamond nexus stones. Rated with 9.-9.2 on the hardness scale they are only marginally softer than mined diamonds (mined diamonds that are internally flawless ONLY). VS, SI and I diamonds still possess the 10 on mohs scale of hardness but under pressure will still crack due to the flaws therefore the 10 rating is just a number. You get a flawless stone that is colorless for a price that is not outrageous for the tradeoff of .8-1 hardness. You get a lifetime warranty a well.
The point of a ring is to solidify you love into a long lasting representation. If diamonds prevented divorce and had the possibility to override anything bad in a relationship; they would be worth every penny. However it is just a sparkly rock. So what’s it going to be? A sparkly rock that you can afford without you having to adjust your lifestyle for a while or something that is also sparkly but costs about the same as a car that will sit on a finger? Neither will get you an ROI, one is a warrantied for life, one is a fraction of the cost of the other, one is slightly harder. You choose based on your income, not what sales people tell you.

skylar said...

Exactly my problem. We ordered, spoke to the lab, the website represented man made diamonds...we paid the $$ for it and today I find out its complete fake...not what we ordered an am getting the same run around from customer service. I'm filing a BBB complaint and pursuing a claim. I want my $$ back. If I wanted glass I could go to any cheap store. Total rip off. Getting a lawyer.

Jennifer London said...

Dear Skylar,

I am sorry that you feel that we have misrepresented ourselves, however it is clearly stated on our website that our stones are lab created simulants. We do make man made diamonds of pure carbon, along with our simulants and they are clearly marked on the website as such. We also offer a full money back guarantee on our jewelry within 30 days of receiving it. So, if you have just purchased from us you can return your jewelry for a full refund..As for your claims, those are completely untrue. Our stones are not made of glass and we certainly have not tried to rip anyone off. Diamond Nexus is extremely proud to be the world's leaders in lab created jewelry, with hundreds of thousands of customers world-wide. There are no authentic lab reports stating our stones are made from anything other that what we claim. We have received no complaints from the BBB nor any legal documents from any lawyers.Diamond Nexus has an A+ Rating with the BBB so we do everything in our power to work with customers in a fair manner. I am happy to look into your order for you if you would like to email me your order information. My email is jennifer.london@diamondnexus.com

Sincerely, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus

Renee said...

Two years ago, my husband and I purchased a DNL loose stone (1.45 emerald cut) to place in a band we had previously purchased from a major jewelry retailer. After receiving the stone in the mail, we were VERY pleased. I took it to a local jeweler to have it placed in the band and the owner said, "If that's a simulated diamond, it's a darn good one!" He was extremely impressed with the look and quality of the stone, as we're we.

DNL has done nothing but impress me. Not only in the quality of their product, but the obvious manner in which they market the product as a diamond stimulant, their prestigious clientele such as the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, and lastly, the professionalism of their employees. Jennifer and Kyle have been courteous, understanding and respectful of those complaining about DNL. That speaks volumes about their customer service and quality of their employees. I have had nothing but excellent dealings with them and will not hesitate to buy more jewelry from them in the future.

I just finished chemotherapy and reconstructive surgeries due to breast cancer. As a "I'm Done" present, I'm going to get the "Bethany" right hand ring as soon as we're able!! It was love at first sight!!

Thank you DNL, Jennifer and Kyle for bringing happiness to so many.

Unknown said...

WOW, there sure are a bunch of Jackasses that posted here. 1. I do not work for DNL or any other company for that matter as I am in business for myself. 2. I can afford to purchase almost any carat size Real diamond for my wife. 3. I have researched diamonds both on the Internet and in stores. I have found that there is a GLUT of diamonds because almost everyone is buying gold. This comes from a jeweler in NY and deals with wholesalers on a daily basis. As you know no two diamonds are alike, so comparisons are extremely difficult. I am now considering a stone from either Asha, Diamond
Nexus or even someone else. But I digress, ALL of the information I have found has ALL stated what they actually were. For the Village Idiots who made statements as to the names being deceptive, you should go back to school and learn English. Better yet, I have some Beachfront property for sale in Las Vegas, Nevada. I also have for sale Toll Booths on the I-95 cheap.

Jennifer London said...

To Unknown,
Thanks for your candor, we love it when we get unbiased opinions from possible customers. Since you're looking at us I'd like to help you find your dream ring with Diamond Nexus. If there is anything I can do, please let me know! Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus

Captain77 said...

I fell for the sales pitch 3 years ago and purchased an engagement/wedding band from DN believing that the "man made diamonds" were brilliant and durable for generations. I regret that my wife had to watch me place her wedding ring into a box to be shipped across the USA because the stone had become cloudy and the facets were chipped and scratched. My only hope and satisfaction will be that DN will live up to their lifetime satisfaction guarantee. I think DN has a good product but it definitely does not posses the timeless durability of a diamond. I'll let you know how my repair experience goes.

Jennifer London said...

To Captain77, My name is Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator at Diamond Nexus. I wanted to reach out to you and say that I am really sorry that you have experienced an issue with your engagement ring. I am glad that you have sent it in for us to examine and repair. Though any stone, even a diamond can actually become damaged and scratched, our stones come with a lifetime warranty so if that does happen, then you won't have to worry, they will be replaced for you. Cloudiness is something easily taken care of, usually a great cleaning in our ultrasonic cleaner removes the buildup that occurs from hair products, lotions etc. I would be happy to follow up on the repair once it gets to us, if you can email me at jennifer.london@diamondnexus with your order information. We want our customers 100% satisfied and I am happy to do whatever I can to make this experience better for you and get the ring back on her finger as soon as possible. Thank you for being a Diamond Nexus customer and please contact me with any questions or concerns. Sincerely, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus.

Captain77 said...

I did take Jennifer London's advice and recommendations and my repair was a positive experience.
I must withdraw my comments listed above about the quality of DN stones. It was discovered that our ring was damaged by a local jeweler who soldered the set and ultimately the main stone was "switched" with a CZ.
Throughout the entire repair process, Jennifer London and DN went well above and beyond their repair and warranty policies to insure my complete satisfaction.
Jennifer arranged for the shortest turn-around time and stayed active as a liaison between the repair jeweler and myself.
The ring returned today and it looks fantastic. Better yet, my wife is very pleased to have it back on her finger.
I truly appreciate the dedication to quality and costumer service and I will continue to do business with DN. It will be my pleasure to recommend their products to others as well.

THANK YOU JENNIFER and DIAMOND NEXUS!!! and yes, I'm 100% satisfied

Glenn and Krista B.

Tina Vandenburg said...

I just got engaged. We've been talking about it for sometime and as we were discussing rings I told him I wouldn't consider anything but a lab grown or man-made stone in my ring. He was totally against it at first insisting I have a REAL diamond. I'm concerned about the environment that surrounds mined diamonds, I don't buy in to the statements that they are now safe for the people that work in the mines. The industry can spin things just like anyone else. I believe that there are cartels controlling the price and the atmosphere of the mines. Once my engagement ring is on my finger I won't care what the RESALE value is. To me that is like saying my fiance is my next ex-husband. I plan to treasure my DNL ring for the rest of my life. too many things in this life are all about who you can impress with what you have, and I can have what I want because I get treated like a princess. I can't wait to get my ring and proudly tell everyone that its a simulation.

JoSMO Sua said...

Hi everywhere..

BEWARE OF THE SCAM ARTISTS from Diamond Nexus. Don't be fooled by Jennifer London and her "here I come to help act".

I am fortunate to be able to afford a real diamond, however for the size I would like, I see no point in getting a 60+k ring. I love my husband and that's enough for me.

For this very reason we decided to use Diamond Nexus and what a joke. They are a bullshit company and false advertising. They say they are man made but do your research.

I have had mine 2 weeks and already it is scratched! THEY DON'T CARE!

I had mine reset and called them first to say it was ok and when i called them about the scratch they conveniently threw all their "read the small print bullshit"...

I would be HAPPY to send you my correspondence.

All in all. Don't go for it. They suck. And you lose your money.

Jennifer London said...

Dear JoSMO Sua, This is Jennifer London, the Social Media Coordinator at Diamond Nexus. I wanted to respond in regards to your post. As you forwarded me the link to this blog to let me know that you had commented here, I would like to say that we had been in the process of working out a solution to your issues with the stone, when you posted your comments on this site. I understand that you are upset because you had voided the warranty with us, by having another jeweler set the stone, and it had become damaged. I am sorry that through that and the other issues you have dealt with, that you are unhappy with us.Our customer service representatives are highly trained and make sure to let customers know what our policies are, and we also print them on the paperwork with each order, along with posting it on our website as well. I am sorry that there had been some miscommunication between you and one of our representatives. But I am here to assist you and would be happy to figure out a fair solution for you. I have personally emailed you this morning and look forward to working with you to make sure that your ring has a beautiful and perfect stone set in it, that you will be proud to wear and show off. Sincerely, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Everyone - Josmo Sua here...

Jennifer London has graciously contacted me and has offered to replace my stone... I will keep you posted with the final outcome of my experience for Diamond Nexus.


Maikie Vang said...

My husband and I have been together for 10 years. This September will mark our 11th year anniversary. I have been wearing a CZ he bought me for the last 8 years and I absolutely love it. I was pregnant and stopped wearing my ring due to swelling. After I had my baby the ring wouldn't fit anymore. We have discussed purchasing a new one and decided that we will be purchasing something from DNL. I don't believe in paying $ for a diamond when you can get something just as nice for $ from DNL. I haven't picked one out yet but I am not hesitant to purchase from DNL.

Jennifer London said...

Dear Maikie, My name is Jennifer London and I am the Social Media Coordinator for Diamond Nexus. I first would love to wish you and your husband a very happy anniversary! Thank you for your interest in Diamond Nexus. We would be honored for you to choose us as your new jeweler and we know that with our D in color flawless stones and lifetime guarantees, you will be extremely satisfied with your ring from Diamond Nexus. Our stones are going to be stronger than Cubic zirconia, and ours are actually non-porous so they won't cloud as CZ might actually do over time. I would love for you to email me at jennifer.london@diamondnexus.com with any questions that you might have before ordering. I am always happy to help out and I can't wait to hear what ring style you are choosing as your anniversary present~ Warmest regards, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus.

JoSMO Sua said...

In reply to my post July 25:

I have to say I finally received my ring. It looks beautiful.

They replaced the stone that had scratched, with my new setting. The only thing I had to pay for was an additional 125 (when I was quoted 50-80 originally) but nevertheless, it looks amazing and at least it is backed up 100% should anything happen. I just hope it does not scratch easily. But I plan on being extra careful.

I plan on doing my matching wedding bands through DNL.

Thank you especially to Jennifer for stepping in to help. It was a rough start but they definitely had a great handle on my particular situation that I will be a repeat client.

Thank you!

Shanna said...

I have had my dnl ring for about a yr. Looks as sparkly as the first day. I have held it side by side with my mom's similiar cut mined diamond ring and honestly, mine looked better. I bought it for ethical reasons.

krystle said...

My fiance gave me this ring just two weeks ago and already it has lost a stone! It makes other look terrible and FAKE since a real diamond ring like this one wouldn't do that. Our wedding is in two more weeks on the beach and I will have NO ring. I read another review about DNL where a lady said this happened to her three times and DNL made her keep paying for repairs. Truthfully I have costume jewelery that has held up better than this. I have NO idea why on earth I let him buy me this ring. I have another DNL ring I bought a year ago and one of he stones cracked. I also bought a pair of screw back stud earrings that the screws stripped within weeks and I lost an earring as a result. This place charges a fortune for their stuff and so far, I am three for three with defective pieces and they wontt do a THING unless I actually pay them MORE money. WE WILL BE CHARGING THIS PURCHASE BACK ON OUR CREDIT CARD AND I WILL BE POSTING THIS REVIEW ALL OVER HE INTERNET SO NO ONE ELSE GETS RIPPED OFF!!! My email is krystlefigueroa626 @ mail.com in case anyone wants more info. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY .

Jennifer London said...

Dear Krystle, My name is Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator for Diamond Nexus. I am the one who has also emailed you in regards to your ring needing repair. I want to assure you that first of all, you are well within the first 30 days of our warranty and you are able to get the ring repaired for free, exchanged or returned. I am very sorry that you had experienced an issue with your ring and I want to let you know that a ring losing a stone within such a short amount of time is quite unusual. Though,even mined diamond rings still lose stones and can get damaged. As my email to you had mentioned, I am working with a customer service representative here to assist you in sending you a return label for the ring to be sent back to us. I know that you have mentioned that another ring needs to be repaired as well, and we are happy to do so. The stones are guaranteed for life so this will not be an issue for you to worry about. It is surprising that a stone cracked in a ring that is channel set,which is a really secure setting, but we can replace it for you as soon as possible.I know that you also mentioned issues with earrings, and our customer service representative who is working with you is going to be happy to see what can be done to assist with them as well. My email is jennifer.london@diamondnexus.com for all future assistance you may need and I do look forward to helping you. I am again very sorry that you are experiencing an issue with your new ring but can assure you that with our excellent customer service and warranties, we stand behind our products and will make sure your issues are met with satisfaction. Thank you for your time in posting, as I know this is an extremely important time in your life and I want to make sure your upcoming wedding date sees you wearing a lovely ring that you will be proud to show off to everyone! Sincerely, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus

divablue said...

my fiancee just bought my ring from DN yesterday. We had been looking it for 2 months and decided to go for it and we do not regret it. The customer service we received at Mayfair Mall DN was wonderful and we were well informed of what we were purchasing as we visited their website (which I did not find misleading and did find it to be quite informative) on a few occasions and then did our research. Today at work I received numerous compliments and I cant stop looking it myself. It almost looks too good its perfect. Thank you DN for creating such a positive experience for us. I absolutely love my ring! ~ Heather

iceboxjewelry said...

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Anne said...

I have several DNL pieces in my collection & have purchased their products for years.. I am fortunate enough to have disposable income to spend on personal luxury items such as jewelry. Could I afford the real/mine diamonds? Yes, but not w/ the size/quantity and the ability to afford so many individual pieces.

My main reason for originally going w/ DNL was because I was taken in by their claims of cheap/beauty & promise of their "diamond simulant must function like a diamond. It has to dazzle you with its radiance and keep the secret of its origin so everyone who sees it believes it to be real. With simulants that rival the finest mined diamonds."

I've had great experiences w/ DNL over the years as I continued to buy their earrings/rings/bracelets/pendants, Synthetic rubies/sapphires, chocolate/glacial ice/champagne/clear simulants.. anything from LP(Lorián Platinum)/14k/platinum/palladium..

Both Kyle, J. London, & others at DNL have helped me over the years w/ my question/orders/repairs/upgrades..

With that being said, I believe I am more than qualified to make/posts comments on my personal experiences w/ DNL & my purchases from DNL.

Because I was such a loyal fan & repeat customer, I was in shock/disbelief when I saw chips/damages to my DNL rings/pendants after a clean/examination of the pieces w/ a jeweler's loupe in Jan 2012.

DNL replaced the damaged stones in question.. My true anger didn't begin until I found similar damages on my ring(Caramia)after a few months of wear.

This prompted my to seek full copies of DNL independent lab reports.. this was denied by Kyle.. which led me down the path of paying for my own independent lab report.

PetiteGoddess said...

Wow well it's really a shame to see someone go out of their way to make mankind look really dumb! Excuse me sweetie but I can tell you this...Diamond Nexus is NOT misleading, I don't know if you have ever been on this website, but it clearly states that they do not provide real diamonds (on the home page, and every other page on the site) so why would you think that it is confusing? It has never been confusing to anyone who knows how to read. And if you ever thought they were real diamonds for a split second then I feel very bad for whoever proposed to you, hate to say that but I mean does everything confuse you? It really is annoying to see people go out of their way to provide false information! What have they ever done to you by the way? And anyone else who agreed with you on this post? Because I don't see anything wrong with giving people something that looks incredibly like a diamond for so much less, especially in this economy when so many people are hurting for money, including that they have never tried to make it seem like they sell real diamonds, I don't see a problem with it. Why do you? They are not misleading at all, actually if you really want to go there the real diamond industry is one of the MOST MISLEADING industries in the world! They try to make it seem like children are not used as slaves to produce these mined diamonds and they cover up that people die every single day for these mined diamonds, so shame on DN? I think not, more like shame on every single diamond co. out there! So if you want to be "disappointed" in companies that save money, lives, despair and world's well being, then shame on you! It honestly sounds like you are trying more to "up your status" and that is very sad. Being ashamed of a man made diamond co. is a joke, it is a company like any other. And like I said before, I don't know how stupid you all think we are, but we are not stupid......read all the other comments on here, no one ever seemed to be 'confused' or 'mislead', and that would be ridiculous to be confused, or you simply don't comprehend things very well! And if that is the case, then you should not be writing blogs about these types of things. I study in advertising and marketing, you think they are the first company to name their business like this? I hope not or you are very naive, about 92% of companies out there put a 'fancier' name out there, so why try to pick on Diamond Nexus? Why not pick on someone doing something bad to this world? Oh and by the way..when I read how you stated their question on why they are cheaper, and you felt the need to answer it yourself, I got a kick out of that because YOU WERE ANSWERING THE WRONG QUESTION! HA! They asked "why are we cheaper that other MANUFACTURED diamond companies" key word Manufactured! They are not comparing themselves to real diamond companies, got it? They compare themselves to other companies like themselves. WE KNOW THEY ARE NOT REAL DIAMONDS. We went through elementary school and we know how to read okay? They DO NOT make it unclear. Just to make that clear. So please stop wasting your time bashing companies you clearly know nothing about, because if their marketing plan was to fool or confuse consumers....they would not advertise the way they do, in fact it would be totally opposite from how they approach their marketing strategy thank you. Oh and by the way, I do not work for D.N. I work as a waitress/bartender at hooters, pretty opposite from that, so I am not biased I just hate the fact that you say they are misleading, when they are not!

Toby Crane said...

The people sell diamonds for really cheap in Toronto. You just need to do your research. Thanks for sharing this information. I appreciate it!

alfred said...

If you want to avoid the hassle of selling to a private party, you have the option of either selling on consignment, or selling directly to a buyer. When you place your piece on consignment, you agree to allow the store to sell your item and give you a percentage of the proceeds once the item sells.

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Blankita said...

First of all: I don't work for DNL nor I posses any DNL piece of jewellery. I was born in Angola so I am very much against the concept of people being mistreated, amputated and killed over a stone, especially children. I am a very girly type of woman and love to celebrate my femininity, hence totally getting the point of wanting a nice sized stone but getting it for less money than a down payment for a home for example. I am not poor nor uneducated either, my family is very academically oriented and have great careers. My partner and I are both very hard working people who are conscientious of the value of money though. The DNL website states very clearly that colourless stones are simulants! The only type of lab made diamond they make and sell are the canary yellow ones.
Secondly: STOP HATING! the staff members that have replied to the posts all seem highly trained and willing to help with anything that may concern costumers. The website also states that the handling of the ring must be done by DNL only because the methods they use for maintenance and repairs seems to work better for this type of jewellery. So the customers that purchased their product from DNL and then went and got it handled by other jewellers should not complain about what had happened to their piece of jewellery simply because they refused to follow the guidelines given by the DNL from the get go. Hence you cannot blame them for your mistake.
Thirdly: Has it occurred to all of you that maybe everyone is winning in this situation: the customer as well as DNL. It is a business at the end of the day, but both parties seem to be getting what they want. DNL: good business and customer: good quality pieces of jewellery that stands for a good cause, looks amazing, shines lovely and lasts in most cases for a long time. Mind you it is in DNL's best interest to keep their customers hence having such elaborated and reliable customer service.
Fourthly: Depreciation. it seems pretty clear to me after reading all those posts that regardless of one's financial status, value for money is always welcome! Also why would I purchase a piece of jewellery, especially an engagement ring, with the intention of selling it in the future? So the monetary value on an engagement ring should not be seen as an investment in the first place.
I do HAVE A CONCERN if anyone from Diamond Nexus is willing to answer. WHAT HAPPENS IF DNL ISN'T AROUND IN 20 YEARS TIME? My partner and I want to get engaged and have been exploring our options without wanting to purchase real diamonds. Palladium would be our choice of metal however, if they are not around how would its maintenance be affected? we understand that palladium doesn't need to be Erodium coating, so could we get it buffed by another jeweller?
To finalise, I have observed that most people that have heavily criticised DNL in its entirety are individuals who do not poses any DNL jewellery thus perhaps it would be a good idea to purchase one, try it and analyse it before talking. If my partner and I decide to go for Diamond Nexus Labs, I will certainly hope that the standards of service of product excellence will be maintained.

Jennifer London said...

Dear Blankita, My name is Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator for Diamond Nexus. I wanted to contact you in regards to your question about what would happen if Diamond Nexus were not around in 20 years time. I completely understand the concern but Diamond Nexus is not only established as a strong online business with customers all over the world, but we also have two retail stores as well. One is located in Milwaukee, WI at Mayfair Mall and the other is just outside of Chicago, IL at the Woodfield Mall. We are the official jewelers for the Miss Universe Organization, proudly making the crowns for Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. We are growing and constantly expanding our brand with new projects on the horizon even as we speak. This would not be the case for a company struggling to make it who may not exist in a few years. Diamond Nexus is here to stay, I can assure you. Thank you for taking the time to comment on this blog and for looking into Diamond Nexus for your engagement ring.We will absolutely strive to make your experience a positive one and to see that you are 100% satisfied with our product and quality. I am happy to help you and answer any other questions that you may have as well. Feel free to email me at Jennifer.london@diamondnexus.com at any time. Warmest Regards, Jennifer London- Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus.

Victor Gress said...

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Victor Gress said...

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megh balika said...

Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to your blog when you could be giving us something informative to read?
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Jessica McInnis said...

I was reading this thread because I wanted to research DNL. I KEPT reading all the comments because the ignorance expressed was amusing and the responses by Kyle B. From DNL were hilarious. Thank you for the entertainment. I'm pretty sold on DNL. ;p

carla said...

Kyle you have asked her several times for her order number...did you ever get it?

carla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer London said...

Dear Carla, This is Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator for Diamond Nexus. I have taken over Kyle's position as he is now our Director of Marketing at Diamond Nexus. I have reached out to all customers posting here to offer my assistance and though I am not aware of a particular person contacting Kyle with their order number, I am confident that if they had, he would have done everything in his power to help rectify the situation for them. My email address for anyone needing assistance is Jennifer.London@diamondnexus.com.
Sincerely, Jennifer London, Social Media Coordinator, Diamond Nexus.

Bella Watson said...

I am not in favour or against of Nexus diamond or any other diamond company. But, what I understood and want to let you know that diamond term can mislead novice users. Because it may sound like diamond while as described by eco friendly diamond that there are some companies building man made diamond which is a brand of CZ. One can see in his examples Russian Brilliants, CARAT,diamonique etc are brands of CZ. You itself see the difference that these are trust companies as they are not using diamond term. Although diamoniqe is little related but other are fair to the people.Russian brilaints using everywhere in their site term like simulated diamond, lab created diamonds or Man made diamond rings which tells his customers that these are simulants. As we all are not interested to spend money on stones so may go for its alternatives.

Mrs. Mary said...

My husband purchase my engagement ring with Diamond Nexus and its been 3 years and I wear it every day and I clean it my self ofter just like I do with all my other gold jewelry and my Diamond ring still looks flawless and like new, I have not had any issues with it yet, but I know that if something goes wrong that diamond nexus will stand behind their product. Which I am planning on sending it back to get it resize because it fits loose because of loosing weight.

Mrs. Mary said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark Davis said...

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Payel Kolpona said...

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FG said...

I looked at Gemesis website for lab created synthetic diamonds and they are just as expensive are the real natural diamonds that you find in a jeweler store or department store like Sears, Macy's, J.C. Penney.
Why is that?

FG said...

I looked at Gemesis website for lab created synthetic diamonds and they are just as expensive are the real natural diamonds that you find in a jeweler store or department store like Sears, Macy's, J.C. Penney.
Why is that?

Cassie W. said...

Hey FG, Cassie from Diamond Nexus here. The reason you see similar pricing for created diamonds, is because of the quality. Diamonds are generally priced by the 4 C's. While the prices of Created Diamonds are usually less expensive than mined diamonds, there could be some comparison between a very high quality created diamond and a lower quality mined diamond. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to me directly at Cassie.Weger@diamondnexus.com

Oskar said...

http://www.wired.com/wired/archive/11.09/diamond.html. Anyway, when I ... cz-tennisbracelet.blogspot.com

Annie W said...

I agree with Bella Watson's views...
I've had my ring for 5 years now and my pink rock is worthless, however the gold ring that holds the rock is worth something. It has always been symbolic than anything.

My pink rock has plenty of visible scratches and completely losing it's shine for a while now. Bottom line, you get what you pay for.

I read DNL's website regarding their lifetime guarantee. I had to get a representative online to estimate that I would pay $40-$50 on top of shipping to replace this rock. Why am I going to pay for this guarantee? I thought it was part of the deal when we purchased the ring.

It's the principle, I'm not paying to replace this rock.

Cassie W. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cassie W. said...

Hi Annie, my name is Cassie Weger, and I am the Public Relations Coordinator with Diamond Nexus. I am very sorry that you are having troubles with your ring. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. As a positive, your ring will always be covered under our Lifetime Warranty. Most other jewelry companies require you to bring your ring in every 3 months or so for inspection in order to keep your warranty. We will uphold our Triple guarantee with no questions asked. To take advantage of this guarantee and get your ring looking brand new, I encourage you to reach out to Michelle Edwards, our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com.

Ramji Babasaheb said...

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Michael Kimbley said...

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Richard Hill said...

The site isn't misleading. if you haven't seen a diamond nexus simulant next to a real diamond, then you are basing your opinion on your perception of some false reality. What diamond nexus provides is pretty awesome. I could of went with a .75 carat diamond engagement ring or a 2 carat simulant. I gave my fiancée the choice, and even though they were the same price, she rather had the diamond nexus ring. Who cares what others think? If she loves it, and its not a quarter of a million dollars she's walking around with on her finger, why would you care? Personally, I don't care who made the stone. Some people like to argue for the sake of argument. Best wishes.

ashwani mall said...

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Jhony Depth said...

What does the term blood diamonds mean?
I read the definition online, but I didn't really get it.
Could someone explain it in a simple straight to the point way?
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Unknown said...

Diamond nexus is cubic zirconia. Nothing wrong with cz, but they deny this fact, while labratory tests show it to be cz. The owners met in prison.

Areesh Ch said...

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BarbaraJoy said...

I'm researching options for engagement rings. Wow! This thread had me literally rolling laughing. I learned a lot as well. Thank you for the laugh everyone. DN I will definitely consider y'all within my options. Just need to go on the website and peruse rings to give my beau some ideas.

Deepak Pandey said...

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Perfect Diamond said...

How ignoramus!

Just to let you know diamonds are the best investments in the world. Say natural colored diamomds for example! Pink diamond have appreciated in value more than real estate etc.

Compare the prices of the auctioned diamonds from Sotheby's and Christie's to their original costs.

The Hope Diamond for example costs at least a quarter of a billion dollars today but over a hundred years ago it cost jut tens of thousands of dollars!

The Victoria's Secret 2004 Fantasy Bra was set with thousands of diamonds and a 70 ct D flawless pear shape diamond was valued at $10 million dollars in 2004 but the diamond alone in 2008 wa auctioned of for $13 million dollars by Sotheby's! Now how many investment can earn over $3 million dollars in less than 4 years!?

Fake diamonds certainly have no resale value and will certainly depreccciate in value immedately after purchase.

My only take on this is the wisest people tends to buy real diamonds and the idiots will believe all the lies fake diamond sellers told them!

To me the greatest cheater here are those who sell you overpriced fake diamonds that will just crack and depreciatte in value before you know it!

There's a sucker born every minute that's why fake diamond companies exists and will continue to fool people.

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